International Shipping to Kazakhstan
Starting from $2 a package

Our Postal Express Programme

Flat Rate Transborder Shopping and Shipping

No Custom Forms

We use API & electronic forms for free proof of delivery

Save Delivery

We use poly bags, flats and packages for all services

100% insured

Included for the whole value and shipping

Shipping Concierge

24/7 phone and email customer support

Flat Rate Shipping

Starting at $2 a package or $2 for each 0.22 lbs

Expedited Shipping

We deliver in 5–7 days with signature

Flat Rate to All Destinations

We deliver with signature to all destinations in Kazakhstan

Easy Refunds

We do help our customers with affordable returns

Consolidate & Save

Shipping 10 packages a day, consolidate your shipments in one package and save 10%!

All the recipients will be processed separately


With our Postal Express program, you not only get flat rate shipping from US, you get local customer 24/7 service, loyal customers, easy returns at no additional cost. Postal Express is taking care all the way, from shipping to returns, from customer service to customer experience. So you can focus on sales.

Cloth, shoes other merchandise — just ship from the USA to Kazakhstan in poly bags, no bulky packages needed. All shipments are insured and save.

How It Works

US Seller

Use any courier to ship locally within USA to our Florida warehouse.


We sort and process packages in our system and notify customers about the shipment.

Delivery to Kazakhstan

Transit for our shipments is 3–5 business days.

Local Deliveries

We deliver shipments locally with signature to customers within 1–2 business days.

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Our Logistics Partners
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Flat Rate Shipping

Starting from 2$ a package or 2$ for each 0.22 lbs


Contact us to expand your sales with our Postal Express Priority International flat rate service.

    Starting from $2 a package